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Liberland Primary School is a home-schooling program, focus on self-study with parents’ supervision and within our community have volunteers to help.

What We're All About

Liberland Primary School is a home-schooling program, focus on self-study with parents’ supervision and within our community have volunteers to help.

Director Of The School

Kevin Sean Lampon is a multifaceted individual with extensive experience in aviation, youth counseling, and education. Hailing from New Jersey, USA, Kevin’s illustrious career spans 39 years as a retired airline captain during which he acquired an abundance of knowledge and expertise in the aviation industry.

Upon retiring from his successful career as a pilot, Kevin felt compelled to give back to society by dedicating his time and expertise towards the younger generation. He began volunteering as a youth counselor in Thailand where he addressed social issues and provided guidance to young individuals facing challenges in their lives. With his empathetic nature and ability to connect with others effortlessly, he became a trusted figurehead for many.

Currently serving as Director for Education at Liberland Primary School Home School Program, Kevin takes on leadership responsibilities overseeing the development and implementation of educational programs tailored specifically towards home schooled students’ unique needs.

His commitment towards providing quality education that nurtures intellectual growth while fostering emotional well-being is evident through close collaboration with dedicated educators who work together creating inclusive learning environments encouraging critical thinking skills alongside personal development.


Kevin’s extensive background instills discipline within him enabling him to identify attention-to-detail aspects necessary when problem-solving; this attribute comes in handy when performing his role as Director for Education. His profound understanding of the importance of education coupled with his passion for empowering young minds enables him to guide them towards reaching their full potential. 

Apart from professional pursuits, Kevin treasures spending quality time with family while also nurturing love for aviation by participating in related events staying updated on latest developments within the field. Additionally involved in community initiatives along with social causes striving endlessly making positive impacts upon others’ lives. Kevin Sean Lampon’s journey exemplifies unwavering dedication promoting education whilst empowering youths alongside fostering social change; this makes him an invaluable asset both at Liberland Primary School Home School Program alongside influential figurehead within communities served.

Kevin Sean Lampon,
Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Welcome to Liberland Primary School, a unique educational institution that aims to empower students and foster a strong partnership between parents and educators.

At Liberland Primary School, we understand the importance of parental involvement in their child’s education. Starting from kindergarten through grade 12, parents actively participate in their child’s learning journey by providing guidance, support, and creating a nurturing environment for academic and personal growth.

Our curriculum is based on self-directed learning principles that encourage students to take ownership of their education while exploring their interests. From grade 4 onwards, students mainly engage in self-study using the distinguished Ron Paul Curriculum. This innovative online program promotes critical thinking skills, independence, and establishes strong foundations in core subjects such as mathematics, science history as well as economics. In addition to this curriculum, we offer various other home study programs tailored towards diverse learning styles and preferences.